Work in Progress

Communication Barriers and Infant Health: Intergenerational Effects of Randomly Allocating Refugees Across Language Regions. (with Johannes Kunz). Working Paper.

Merchants of Death: Arms Imports and Terrorism. Revise and resubmit. (with Daniel Meierrieks).

Firing discrimination: Selective labor market responses of firms during the COVID-19 economic crisis. Under review.

How one gesture curbed anti-immigrant behavior. Under review. (with Didier Ruedin).

Rebel Recruitment and Migration – Theory and Evidence from Southern Senegal. Under review. (with Max Schaub).

Electoral Discrimination, Party Rationale, and the Underrepresentation of Minority Politicians. Under review. (with Lea Portmann and Thomas Tichelbäcker).

Brexit, Collective Uncertainty and Migration Decisions. Under review. (with Daniel Tetlow).

Climate Change Literacy and Migration: Micro-Level Evidence from Africa. Under review. (with Marc Helbling, Daniel Meierrieks, Malcolm Mistry, and Max Schaub).

The Political Consequences of Mass Emigration. Under review. (with Max Schaub).