Work in Progress

Electoral Discrimination, Party Rationale, and the Underrepresentation of Minority Politicians. Forthcoming: American Journal of Political Science. (with Lea Portmann and Thomas Tichelbäcker).

Bribes and Bombs: The Effect of Corruption on Terrorism. Revisions: American Political Science Review. (with Daniel Meierrieks).

Mass emigration and the erosion of liberal democracy. Revisions: International Studies Quarterly. (with Max Schaub).

Refugee migration, labor demand, and local employment. Revisions. GLO Discussion Paper 989. (with Lilia Götz).

Communication Barriers and Infant Health: Intergenerational Effects of Randomly Allocating Refugees Across Language Regions. (with Johannes Kunz). GLO Discussion Paper 867. Under review.

Effects of Migrant Networks on Labor Market Integration, Local Firms and Employees. (with Dennis Egger [you can find Dennis’ JMP on his webpage] and Johannes Kunz).

Social assistance cuts below reservation wages fuel crime. (with Michaela Slotwinski, Dominik Hangartner, Selina Kurer, Alois Stutzer, Stefanie Kurt)

Experimental evidence on political attitudes against immigrants and discriminatory behavior beyond the urban-rural divide. (with Didier Ruedin).

Returning from Greener Pastures? How Exposure to Returnees Affects Migration Plans. (with Max Schaub).

Experimental Evidence on How Heterogeneous Threat Response Undermines Democracies. (with Max Filsinger and Markus Freitag).

Risk preferences and implicit racial bias. Under review. (with Didier Ruedin).

Supernatural beliefs predict high-risk migration behavior. (with Max Schaub and Johanna Gereke).

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